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Corporate News

Keep Healthy and Walking for Love

Zai Lab joined forces with Shoulder Action Charity Foundation (SACF) to host a charity walk for rural children. Proceeds from the event went towards the purchase of children’s books to build up 10 Reading Centers for primary schools located in rural Sichuan and Gansu provinces.

While focusing on the unmet clinical needs of Chinese patients, Zai Lab is also concerned about rural children and their limited resources and opportunities. Our Vision is to help people restore health, a healthy mind and a healthy body which we believe are mutually important. We hope to help the rural children in poverty, who are suffering from not only the absence of their parents but also the limitations that come from geographical segregation, by using books and education to help them get on the path to achieve sustainable and healthy growth.

By including its entire company in both Suzhou and Shanghai, Zai Lab went further in its efforts towards greater social responsibility. To ensure the project’s successful completion, Zai Lab will continue to partner with SACF to raise more funds to help SACF achieve its long-term goals.

About Shoulder Action Charity Foundation:
The Shoulder Action Charity Foundation is from Fujian Province with more than 13 years of fundraising experience and has benefited more than 800,000 children across 30 provinces by building 22,574 Reading Corners with 1.6 million books in 2,736 primary schools.